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In conjunction with David Moore & Associates, SEO Guelph has had a working relationship with Rapid Sell since 2013 which continues to today. Traffic has increased 40% on the previous year and new development is currently being conducted on their old website. We currently monitor their PPC and SEO.

SEO Guelph has had an ongoing relationship with the Northern Laser Vision Centre (now known as the Northern Vision Institute). Responsibilities included monitoring the social media, website development, and Search Engine Optimization. Dr Frumar who runs the Northern Vision Institute regularly visits Cambodia and performs laser vision correction surgery on children that would never have been able to afford such a procedure.

DDP Photographics are one of the largest online SLR stores in Australia. SEO Guelph started working with DD Photographics in 2011 and continue to maintain a great relationship. Responsibilities included monitoring their $40,000+ per month Pay Per Click campaigns, Search Engine Optimization and Conversion Rate Optimization. Between 2011 and 2013 DDP increased their sales by 60%. We are very proud of the great work we have done with DDP and hope to continue this into the future.

A leading patient management system for vet clinics worldwide. SEO Guelph is proud to work for a fine reputable company like Smart Flow Worksheet who have developed a one of a kind software package to integrate with existing clinic management systems to digitize the flow worksheet. Currently managing the SEO and PPC campaign.

A local company situated in Guelph that performs combine athletic testing to athletes in the GTA. SEO Guelph is working on the web development team to ensure greater cohesion between the athletes, coaches, and University programs. Check My Athletics specializes with the future basketball and soccer stars of the future.

SEO Guelph has been working with Keyspire since 2012 when it was at the time called "The Lifetime Wealth Academy". SEO Guelph developed their current website and the ticketing system they use at events. We also consult on their e-mail marketing which was developed through Infusionsoft. Keyspire is currently one of the largest Real Estate Education companies and is owned by HGTV's Scott McGillivray and his business partner Michael Sarracini.

We have been working with Tutor Doctor Guelph, and Cambridge since 2013. We have lowered the franchise owners monthly expenditure for PPC by 40% and increased the click through rate in the process. As a result they are getting more traffic and spending less money. We also maintain their current website, which we have developed and been upgrading since we started working with Tutor Doctor.

in 2015 SEO Guelph started consulting with one of the largest online pet stores in North America. Currently offering consultation as they phase in a new era with their existing website. A well run business with great customer satisfaction that SEO Guelph is proud to be associated with.

In 2016 SEO Guelph was contracted as an SEO consultant for the co-operators Canada. Located in the downtown Guelph offices, we continue to have a strong working relationship with the co-operators who specialize in a number of products which include home and auto insurance.

CUMIS is a trusted partner to credit unions and their members for protection — personal, financial and business. in 2016 SEO Guelph was contracted as the trusted SEO consultant for CUMIS Group Limited.

Developed and optimized Guelph Kids Guide which is the #1 ranked childrends resource portal in the city of Guelph.

An online resource dedicated to helping newly arrived immigrant pass the Canadian Citizenship Test. SEO Guelph has been working with mycitizen.ca to rank at the top of Youtube and Google searches for those looking into online test preparation services.

A company based out of Toronto by the name of Digital Rabbit that allows digital screen advertising across a network of locations. A great new company that I have helped with their search engine optimization.

One of the largest and most respected Black Taxi advertising companies in the UK. SEO Guelph has been associated with Sherbet Media since its inception. We currently monitor the SEO, PPC, and video production. We are also working with other companies under the Sherbet branch which includes Sherbet Taxi Rentals, and Sherbet airport transfers. Sherbet is a well known brand in the UK.

SEO Guelph has been working with Hanlon Park Mobile Storage since 2012. We cater to both their mini and mobile storage websites. Duties include PPC, SEO, and website development. Plans are currently underway for Hanlon Park to open up a third location on Southgate Drive, something we have the honor of being a part of.

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We are located in Guelph. Happy to meet up at any time to discuss as we work just up the road to you.


Highly Experienced. We have serviced over 20 companies with 5 star reviews to our name.


Google Certified. We have passed our Google PPC certification exam and keep our skills up to date.

A Great Service

SEO Guelph continue to go above and beyond to get those hard to get rankings. Traffic is at a 3 year high. I have personally recommended SEO Guelph to close friends and family.

Saving Money on PPC

I noticed a dramatic decrease in the amount I was paying for my Google PPC campaign when I switched to SEO Guelph. I'm paying less and getting more clicks as a result.

Ranked #1 in Guelph

I went with seoguelph.com because they are ranked up the top when I google "SEO Guelph", and "Guelph SEO". Plain and simple decision for me. We went with the team that was ranked the highest in Guelph.

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