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Consistently ranked as the number one SEO company in Guelph by Google, we strive to give our customers the best local experience possible. Our main focus is ranking local businesses locally, nationally, and internationally using the knowledge that we have acquired by becoming the top ranked local SEO company in Google. Please see below to learn about the different areas that we specialize in.


Organic Search Rankings

We specialize in getting local businesses in Guelph to rank on the front page of Google for their desired keywords. 90% of searchers don’t go past the first page of search results. This can often make or break a business. At SEO Guelph we ensure that your website is optimized correctly and in line with the TOS outlined by Google. We employ safe best practice techniques and conduct all SEO activities in-house to maintain the highest amount of quality and control possible.

Paid Search, PPC

Appearing in the sponsored ads area of Google, Yahoo, and Bing has never been easier. Adrian Drysdale is a certified Google Adwords expert who will devise a paid advertising campaign based on your monthly goals and budget. All ads are tracked using conversion rate monitoring and extensive keyword analysis to ensure that your budget is being spent on that ads that are converting the most for the least amount of money. All paid ad campaigns are conducted in-house to ensure high quality and accountability.

Local Map Search

We specialize in getting local businesses to appear in the maps section of Google. Consistently ranked #1 in Google searches for “SEO” we use this same knowledge to ensure your local business appears on Google maps just like ourselves. No matter what the business, if you are located in Guelph and need a local SEO specialist to rank you on the maps in Guelph, contact us today and we will start the process of getting your website to appear at the top of local searches.

Social Media

We have devised comprehensive social media plans for some of the largest companies in Guelph, Ontario. Our engaging social media campaigns are conducted by our resident expert Julia Drysdale. Our campaigns bring in more leads, and engage more potential customers than any other company in Guelph. Julia has over 5 years’ experience and completed the Guelph library social media learning course. Our social media areas of expertise cover Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Keyword Analysis

We use a number of tools to ensure our keyword targets are highly searched. Before we conduct any campaign, the first stage for us at SEO Guelph is to research exactly which keywords are highly searched, trending, and have the least amount of resistance via the competition. We factor all these elements into our calculations to deliver the best results to our clients. Our aim is to ensure that the monthly traffic totals of our customers are increasing at a steady pace.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Using advanced Google analytics segmentation, we can locate any bottlenecks that may be causing your potential customers to bounce from your website. For an overall good experience and to increase organic Google traffic there needs to be a strong emphasis on conversion rate monitoring and optimization. Google favours websites that have low bounce rates. At SEO Guelph we specialise in Conversion Rate Optimization and will optimize your sales funnel, to increase traffic, organic rankings, and reduce bounce rates. ise.

Local and Secure

SEO Guelph is a local company owned and operated in Guelph, Ontario. We do not outsource any of our services. All services are conducted in-house by local experts that have knowledge of the local area and businesses. We also understand the local search landscape which gives your business an advantage over the competitors. We practice what we preach. If you are located in Guelph we urge you to search for any SEO related queries in Google. You will see that we consistently outrank our competitors. It’s with this local knowledge that we will be assisting your company in seeking that rankings that you wish to achieve.

E-mail Marketing

With over 10 years’ experience in email marketing automation using tools such as Infusionsoft and AutopilotHQ Adrian Drysdale can help you deliver a unique email marketing experience to your customers. Customers and potential customers want to be marketed to uniquely based on who they are, what they have purchased, and what they have shown interest in. If you are emailing your customers the same email and wish to adapt your company to an email automation system based on events, sequences, and campaigns. Contact SEO Guelph to find out more about what we can offer your company.

Our Advantages


We are located in Guelph. Happy to meet up at any time to discuss as we work just up the road to you.


Highly Experienced. We have serviced over 20 companies with 5 star reviews to our name.


Google Certified. We have passed our Google PPC certification exam and keep our skills up to date.

A Great Service

SEO Guelph continue to go above and beyond to get those hard to get rankings. Traffic is at a 3 year high. I have personally recommended SEO Guelph to close friends and family.

Saving Money on PPC

I noticed a dramatic decrease in the amount I was paying for my Google PPC campaign when I switched to SEO Guelph. I'm paying less and getting more clicks as a result.

Ranked #1 in Guelph

I went with seoguelph.com because they are ranked up the top when I google "SEO Guelph", and "Guelph SEO". Plain and simple decision for me. We went with the team that was ranked the highest in Guelph.

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