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Fake Canada Revenue Scam – 8009311026 Beware

scam warning

I have been getting a lot of calls from the phone number 800 931 1026 recently. This is a scam company located abroad that is scraping companies phone numbers and business names from the internet. If you have received a phone call from this number be sure to report it to Revenue Canada. This scam has been going on for many years and has recently hit Guelph with a spat of local companies complaining of this scam. Never give your details over the phone as they will ask for your social security number and personal details to make fraudulent transactions on your credit card. If you speak to them long enough on the phone they will request that you purchase a prepaid Mastercard to pay a sudden and unexpected fee that needs to be paid to Revenue Canada. Protect yourself, we aware.

For more information regarding this scam please view this news article by CBC Canada http://www.cbc.ca/news/business/cra-phone-scam-uses-fear-of-tax-man-to-swindle-not-so-smart-canadians-1.3124432

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