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How important is Fresh Content for SEO?


This is a common question that I get when I speak to local business owners in Guelph. The best answer that I can give is that it depends on what genre you are optimizing for. If you have a website optimizing for an industry that continuously has hot off the press topics that are being pumped out onto the internet then I would say it’s very important to have constant fresh content. For example if you are a local news company in Guelph and want to rank for keywords such as “local news in Guelph” then it’s important to have fresh content. In an industry like this it would be a disservice to the user if you were to serve them with old news articles that are a week old.

The Google rank brain machine learning algorithm understands which searches and queries require fresh updated content. If you are optimizing for searches that are heavily dependent on fresh content then you will want to update your content regularly.

On the other hand if you are a local plumber, lawyer, or dentist where news, services and technologies don’t tend to change so quickly, then you can get away with updating less often as Google is more likely to rank websites based on other factors such as domain authority and citations. Do your research, understand the industry you are in and optimize for the areas that Google places the highest emphasis on.

I hope this helps your local business. If you have any questions regarding search engine optimization in Guelph, Ontario please feel free to contact us using our contact form.

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