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Average Page Speed for Bounced Users


Average page load speed won’t tell you the whole picture. I was recently working on a client’s website in Guelph and wanted to see what the average page loading speed was for users that have bounced for this particular website and have it broken down by page and the amount of pageviews that page gets.

Page speed is important because if a page takes too long to load, the chances of them not converting increases by 7% for every second it takes to lohow to choose bounced session in google analyticsad past the magic 2-3 second mark.

Here is a simple step by step guide on how to access this in Google Analytics.

The first thing you want to do is choose the “Bounced Sessions” segment. Please refer to the graph below.


You will want to make sure that “All Users” is unchecked. Click Apply.

Now that you have chosen your segment, you need to view the “speed suggestions”. This will give a breakdown of all the pages on your site and how long they take to load for users that have bounced.

how to choose speed timings image in google analytics

Hope this helps you make judgements on weather slow page speed it a reason why you are getting a lot of bounces. If you pull this report up and you don’t see a sizeable difference between average load speed for All Users VS Bounced Users then you can start looking into other reason why these users may have bounced. If however you pull up the Bounced Users load speed reports and you are seeing a big difference VS non bounced then you can probably attribute slow page load speeds as a determining factor.

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