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Make sure your website is mobile friendly. Google is cracking down hard on non responsive websites. Contact us today for a free quote.

Rated 5 Stars

SEO Guelph is currently rated as 5 stars on Google. Thanks to all our happy customers.

A Great Service

SEO Guelph continue to go above and beyond to get those hard to get rankings. Traffic is at a 3 year high. I have personally recommended SEO Guelph to close friends and family.

Saving Money on PPC

I noticed a dramatic decrease in the amount I was paying for my Google PPC campaign when I switched to SEO Guelph. I'm paying less and getting more clicks as a result.

Ranked #1 in Guelph

I went with seoguelph.com because they are ranked up the top when I google "SEO Guelph", and "Guelph SEO". Plain and simple decision for me. We went with the team that was ranked the highest in Guelph.